Screening of two documentaries:

  •   New Orleans Music Renaissance , directed by Virgile Beddock, assisted by Anne Legrand, filmed by Leon White (partly financed by the Hessische Filmfoerderung), about the jazz scene in post Katrina New Orleans.
  •   Portrait of The Artist: From
    Montgomery, Alabama to Paris, France
    , a 20 minute documentary made for Riché Richardson’s quilt exhibition at the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, Al., Summer 2008

    Shot and produced in Paris by Géraldine Chouard and Anne Crémieux

    A portrait of Riché
    , Assistant Professor at the University of
    Davis in California and a textile artist,
    specialized in quilts.

    Riché Richardson’s comments are augmented by
    an expert of African American quilts, Patricia Ann Turner, who was also interviewed while in Paris. Also a Professor at UC Davis, Patricia Ann Turner knows Riché as a colleague and friend. She has written Crafted Lives:
    Stories and Studies of African-American
    (to be published by the University of Mississippi Press in 2009), about a group of influencial African American quilters in the present cultural field, among which Riché Richardson is featured prominently.

    The film evokes Riché
    Richardson’s artistic technique inspired by photography and the historical themes she explores. The two women talk about Josephine
    Baker in relation to the Venus Hottentot, Simone
    de Beauvoir and her feminist philosophy, Martin Luther King’s humanitarian message and the politics of the Kennedy brothers, symbolically brought together by their tragic ends,
    the Civil Rights Movement,
    Rosa Parks’ struggle and the Montgomery bus boycott.

    Riché Richardson’s and Pat Turner’s words are richly illustrated by images and music related to the historical and cultural references given throughout the documentary.

    The film will travel with a Patchwork exhibit organized by the American Embassy in Paris, to be shown this year in France at Roubaix,
    Rennes, Bordeaux, Marseille and Paris in
    Decembre 2008.