The French Review of American Studies - or RFEA (Revue Française d’Etudes Américaines)

The RFEA online (CAIRN), #87 to most recent


RFEA CHARTER (in French)


- The RFEA invites proposals for articles and thematic issues.
Proposals should be sent to Vincent Broqua
(literature) and Hélène Le Dantec-Lowry (civilization)

Thematic issues are guest edited and must be accepted by the editorial board. All papers are subject to anonymous peer review. Papers should not exceed 30.000 signs.

Latest CFP (in French)

[ISSN : 0097-7870. LC CCN : 80-640131]

Since 1976, the AFEA has been publishing a quarterly journal, the Revue Française d’Études Américaines (RFEA), with issues alternatively devoted to literary on one hand, historical, political, and/or cultural themes on the other.

The RFEA also publishes critical reviews of scientific work to be sent to:

  •  Sylvie Bauer for literature, philosophy and esthetics at the following address: Sylvie Bauer Département d’Anglais UFR Langues Place du Recteur Henri Le Moal CS 24307 35043 RENNES CEDEX
  •  Anne Ollivier-Mellios for history, and humanities and esthetics at the following address:
    Anne Ollivier-Mellios
    43 bis avenue des Charmes
    94120 Fontenay sous Bois

    The RFEA is published by Belin and is accessible on line on CAIRN. The journal welcomes papers in French and English.

    Three anonymous copies of the article (a maximum of 30,000 signs, spaces included) must be submitted. On a separate piece of paper, please indicate the author’s name and address (including phone number and email address).

    Two abstracts---one in English one in French---are to be provided. To assure accurate and useful indexing, authors are requested to provide a list of up to 10 key-words in both languages.

    Typed manuscripts must respect RFEA norms, particularly regarding footnotes and references (MLA standards for articles written in English, and Imprimerie nationale standards for those written in French).

    Please see our GUIDELINES


    Isabelle Alfandary (Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3), President of the AFEA.


    Antoine Cazé (Paris Diderot) for literature and Nathalie Caron (UPEC) for civilization.


  •  Sylvie Bauer (Rennes 2)
  •  Anne Battesti (Paris Ouest)
  •  Luc Benoît à la Guillaume (Paris Ouest)
  •  François Cusset (Paris Ouest)
  •  Andrew Diamond (Sorbonne Paris 4)
  •  Laura Hobson-Faure (Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3)
  •  Anne Hurault-Paupe (Paris 13 Nord)
  •  Ambre Ivol (Nantes)
  •  Anne-Claire Le Reste (Paris Ouest)
  •  Jennifer Merchant (Paris 2)
  •  Anne Ollivier-Mellios (Lumière Lyon 2)
  •  Jagna Oltarzewska (Sorbonne Paris 4)
  •  Françoise Palleau (Paris 13 Nord)
  •  François Specq (ENS Lyon)
  •  Anne-Laure Tissut (Rouen)


  •  Rick Altman (U. of Iowa)
  •  Klaus Benesch (Munich)
  •  Hester Blum (Penn State)
  •  Wendy Brown (Berkeley)
  •  Elsa Dorlin (Paris 1)
  •  Eric Fassin (ENS)
  •  Cristina Giorcelli (Roma 3)
  •  Sherrill E. Grace (U. of British Columbia)
  •  David Hall (Harvard U.)
  •  Heinz Ickstadt (Freie Universität Berlin)
  •  Rob Kroes (Amsterdam)
  •  Deborah Madsen (Genève)
  •  Rosella Mamoli Zorzi (Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia)
  •  Peter C. Mancall, (U. of Southern California)
  •  Lary May (U. of Minnesota)
  •  Kevin McLaughlin (Brown U.)
  •  Cristanne Miller (U. at Buffalo)
  •  Peter Nicholls (NYU)
  •  Marjorie Perloff (Stanford U.)
  •  Thomas Sugrue (Penn)
  •  Philip Weinstein (Swarthmore College)

    5, rue de l’Ecole de médecine
    F-75006 Paris