Rethinking Spaces : Artistic, Literary and Cultural Representations

Beni Mellal annual conference, 22-23 April 2008
Beni Mellal University, Morocco.

How do post-colonial and post-modern theories of space offer a way out of the binary, Manichean thinking as propagated by the dichotomies of territorial vs. extraterritorial, local vs. global, national vs. international, North vs. South, East vs. West, native vs. foreign, private vs. public ? To what extent do these theories succeed in offering new methodologies and positions that help us rethink space as representation, and contribute to our understanding of artistic, literary, and cultural representations ? Such are some of the basic questions that will be considered in the 2008 conference, organised by the RCCC and the University of Beni Mellal. With this conference, the aim is to offer the opportunity to re-examine representations of Space in literature, fine arts, photography, television and film, advertising, popular art, architecture within the context of contemporary works in cultural studies, cultural geography, and visual studies. We would be pleased to see papers reflecting these emphases ; however, we welcome papers addressing any of the following topics :

Space and postcolonial theory
National and trans-national space
Subjectivity and space
The body as space
Gender and space
Race and space
Space in visual representations

Architecture and culture
Cultural geography
Real and Imaginary space
Mental space
Memory, history, and space
Space in post-modern literature

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be sent
before 1 January 2008 to : Cherki KARKABA ou Cherki KARKABA

The organising committee :
Cherki KARKABA, Khalid CHAOUCH, Moulay Lmustapha MAMAOUI, Mohamed RAKII, Mohamed-Sghir SYAD,
Paper presentations should not exceed twenty minutes. Selected proceedings will be published in the coming issue of Middle Ground,
the Journal of the Research Centre on Culture and Communication.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of English
Avenue Ibn Khaldoun, Ouled Hamdane, B.P 524, 23000 Beni Mellal, Morocco
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