Colloque international : "Women and Crime in the British Isles and North America since 1500"

Université Lyon 2 & Université Lyon 3, 11-13 septembre, 2008

Colloque organisé par le Centre d’Analyses et de
Recherches sur le Monde Anglophone (Lyon 2/Lyon 3)


Jeudi 11 septembre

8h30-9h : accueil & café

9h : Allocution de bienvenue

9h15 : Séance plénière (Professeur Martin J.
Wiener, Rice University, Etats-Unis) : "Why Have
Men Been More Homicidal Than Women ? A Review of
Recent Explanations"

10h-10h15 : pause

10h15-12h45 : ateliers :

1. Crime Fiction. Présidence : Maurice Chrétien (Université Lyon 2)

Hubert Malfray, "Women and Crime in Newgate
Fictions (1830-1847) - Bulwer-Ainsworth, Dickens
and Thackeray

Marion Del Bove (Université Lyon 3), "Lady Audley
and Lydia Gwilt : Two Portraits of Sensational

Delphine Cingal (Université Paris 2), "’Deadlier
than the Male’ : Women Killers in the Novels of
British and American Women Detective Writers"

Marie-Odile Hedon (Université d’Avignon), "’The
Imp of the Peverse’ : Female Crime Writers in
Contemporary Scottish Fiction"

2. Maternity and Crime in England since the 18th
Présidence : Helen Goethals (Université
Lyon 2) Marisha Caswell (Queen’s University,
Ontario), "Suitable Victims ? Petty Treason,
Infanticide, and Marital Status in
Eighteenth-Century London"

Ginger Frost (Samford University), "An Unwilling
Accessory" ? Women, Men, and Illegitimate Child
Murder in Victorian England"

Anne Chassagnol (Université Paris 10), "Angels of Death : Baby Farm Murderesses"

Martine Stirling (Université de Nantes), "From
Infanticide to Abortion laws 1931 - 1967 :
Maternity and Women’s Sexuality as a Criminal

3. Women and Violence in the British Isles.
Présidence : Martin Wiener (Rice University)

Lynn Robson (Oxford University), "’Shee that was
Hang’d and Afterwards Recover’d’ : Reading the
’Remains’ of 17th Century Female Murderers"

Anne-Marie Kilday (Oxford Brookes University),
"’Angels with Dirty Faces’ : Violent Women in
Early Modern Scotland"

Katherine Watson (Oxford Brookes University),
"Women, Violence and the Criminal Law in Wales,

Georgina Laragy (Oxford Brookes University),
"Attempted suicide in Ireland : Women and
Self-Inflicted Violence in the Post-Famine Period"

12h45-14h15 : déjeuner

Séance plénière : Professor Anne Fogerty
(University College, Dublin), "Can you Dream What
You Do Not Know ? Representations of Infanticide
in Contemporary Irish Writing"

15h-15h15 : pause

15h15-17h45 : ateliers :

4. Crime and Literature in the British Isles.
Présidence : Catherine Delesalle (Université Lyon

Annie Ramel (Université Lyon 2), "Tess the
Murderess, Eustacia the Adder : Two Women
’Criminals’ in Hardy’s Fiction"

Heather Nelson (Kansas State University),
"’Nightmare to Gwendolen’ : Marital Rape and
Murderous Intent in George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda"

Jean-Charles Perquin (Université Lyon 2),
"Women, Crime and the Victorian Monologue"

Joisane Paccaud-Huguet (Université Lyon 2),
Antigone Lost in the ’Nervous Fury of the Age of
Bar-Rooms’ : Winnie Verloc in The Secret Agent

Claude Maisonnat (Université Lyon 2), "The
Obscene Tragedy of the Death Drive in I Hardly
Knew You, by Edna O’Brien"

5. Prostitution. Présidence : Françoise Orazi (Université Lyon 2)

Gail Savage (St. Mary’s, Maryland), "Does a
Wife’s Immoral Life Reveal a Husband’s
Misconduct ? Prostitution in the Divorce Court,

Catherine Kohler (Université Paris 10), "White
Slavery in the 19th Century -Were Women Innocent
Victims or Willing Accomplices ?"

Françoise Orazi (Université Lyon 2), "Who Commits
the Crime ? Prostitution in 19th Century Britain
before the Contagious Diseases Acts"

Lynn Sacco (University of Tennessee), "The
’Superstitious Cure’ in Europe and America : A
Resilient, if Unproved, Belief"

6. Marginal Women in Early Modern England.
Présidence : Frédéric Herrmann (Université Lyon 2)

Frédérique Fouassier (Université de Tours), "The
Outsider Within, or the Construction of the
Figure of the Prostitute in Renaissance England
Official and Popular Discourses"

Frédéric Herrmann (Université Lyon 2), "Voicing
Women’s Authority and the Construction of the
Female Criminal : the Case of the Prophetesses of
the Mid-17th c. English Revolution"

Chanda Halderman (University of
Wisconsin-Madison), "The Catholic Conundrum :
Prosecuting Recusant Women in Early Stuart
England : the Case of Archbishop Laud, Henrietta
Maria and Elizabeth Cary"

18h30 : Buffet

Vendredi 12 septembre

9h : café

9h30 : séance plénière (Professeur Nicole Hahn
Rafter, Northeastern University, Etats-Unis),
"Theories of Female Criminality from Genesis to
the Present"

10h15-10h30 : pause

10h30-13h : ateliers :

7. Crime and the North American Novel.
Présidence : Rédouane Abouddahab (Lyon 2)

Caroline Garnier (Morehouse College, Atlanta),
"Temple Drake’s Rape and the Myth of the Willing

Marie-Agnès Gay (Lyon 3), "From Confident to
Murderer : the Meanders of Lucy Marsden’s
Confession in Oldest Living Confederate Widow
Tells All by Allan Gurganus"

Rédouane Abouddahab Lyon 2), "Sacrifice and
Self-sacrifice in Toni Morrison’s Fiction"

Elisabeth Bouzonviller (St-Etienne), "Red Beads
and Funeral Homes : Silences and Erasures in
Louise Erdrich’s The Master Butchers Singing Club"

Françoise Couturier-Storey (Université de Nice),
"Re-writing a Woman’s Crime : Alias Grace and the
Absence of Truth"

8. Punishment and the Law. Présidence : Neil Davie (Université Lyon 2)

Denise Guthrie (University of Essex), "Sex,
Civilization, and the Punishment of Women in
England, 1750-1868"

Krista Kesselring (Dalhousie University),
"Coverture and Criminal Forfeiture in England"

Christopher Fritsch, "Women, Crime and the
Criminal Law in Early Modern West Jersey and
Pennsylvania : Understanding Their Transatlantic
World, 1681-1700"

Alan McKinlay & Jim Smyth (University of St.
Andrews/University of Stirling), "Voices from the
Condemned Cell : Public Retribution and Moral
Restitution in Scotland, 1832-1914".

9. Media & Cinema : History and Theory.
Présidence : Nicole Hahn Rafter (Northeastern

Valentina Marinescu (University of Bucharest),
"(’Re’-) Constructing the images of Violence
Against Women Through the Mass Media : A
Trans-Cultural Analysis"

Luc Borot (Université de Montpellier 3), "The
Bloody Inn-Keeper, the Dumb Girl and the
Justice’s Miracle"

Janis Appier (University of Tennessee), "Armed
and Dangerous : Gun-Toting Policewomen in the
American Print Media"

Danièle André (Université de Corse), "Crimeless
Femininity ? Woman’s Identity in Science Fiction

13h-14h30 : déjeuner

14h30-17h : ateliers :

10. Crime in New York and London since 1800.

Présidence : Claudette Fillard (Université Lyon 2)

Peter King (Open University), "Slipping Across
the Invitational Edge : Female Offenders’ Own
Descriptions of their Journeys into Theft and
Prostitution in Early Nineteenth-Century London"

Elyssa Warkentin (Bilkent University), "It Takes
a Woman to Catch a Woman-Killer : Ethel King
versus Jack the Ripper"

Yann Phillippe (Université de Reims), "Women,
Crime and the Wars on Crime in New York City,

11. Policing and Prisons in Nineteenth-Century Britain. Présidence :

Christina Parolin (Australian National
University), The ’She-Champion of Impiety’ : a
Case Study of a Female Political Prisoner in
Early Nineteenth-Century Britain"

Kelly Donahue (University of Minnesota), "Fanning
the Sparks : Elizabeth Fry’s Views on the Female
Prisoner in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain"

Neil Davie (Université Lyon 2), "Business as
Usual ? Britain’s First Women’s Convict Prison,
Brixton 1853-1869"

Tri Tran (Université de Tours), "Female Juvenile
Criminals and the State in 19th- Century Britain"

12. Prisons and Policing in 20th Century Britain.
Présidence : Keith Dixon (Université Lyon 2)

Christian Auer (Université de Strasbourg),
"Illegality, Criminality or Terrorism ?
Suffragettes and Violence"

John Carter Wood (Open University), "Police
Powers and the Celebrity Female Victim in
Mid-Interwar Britain"

Emma Bell (Université Lyon 3), "Female Offenders’
Involvement with the Criminal Justice System in
Contemporary Britain : Towards Penal Progress ?"

20h : diner

Samedi 13 septembre

9h : Café

9h30-12h ateliers :

13. Social History of Crime, 16th-18th centuries.
Présidence : Neil Davie (Université Lyon 2)

James Sharpe (University of York), "Women and
Violence in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century
England : Some Northern Evidence"

Robert Falconer (McEwan College, Edmonton),
"’Other slanders, Detractors, and Staning’ :
Women, Crime and Power in Later Sixteenth-Century

Hilda Smith (University of Cincinnati),
’’Haberdasher of Small Wares’ : A Reappraisal of
Women’s Criminality in Early Modern London"

Carmel Hunt (Workers’ Educational Association),
"Defying the Gender Role : A Comparison between
Homicidal Women in London 1674-1704 and Convicted
Female Killers in Twentieth-Century America"

14. Women in Early Modern Theatre.
Présidence :
Pauline Blanc (Université Lyon 3)

Jean-Claude Mailhol (Université de Valenciennes),
"Women as Criminals and Victims in 16th & 17th
Century drama"

Pascale Drouet (Université de Poitiers), "Mary
Frith alias Moll Cutpurse, Famous Female Offender
against Convention in Early Modern England"

Francis Guinle (Université Lyon 2), "Adulterous
Woman, Criminal Woman : Alice in Arden of

Pauline Blanc (Université Lyon 3), "The Witch of Edmonton"

Christine Kiehl (Université Lyon 2), "Shakespeare
Revisited ? The Female Criminal in the Plays of
Howard Barker"

12h30 : Déjeuner

Inscriptions et renseignements : Neil Davie et Pauline Blanc