CFP : "Transformers of the Silver Screen : Quo Vadis, Hollywood ?"

Call for papers

*Transformers of the Silver Screen : Quo Vadis, Hollywood ?*

*The 2015 First International Conference on the American Motion Picture Industry*

*American Studies Center*

*University of Warsaw, Poland*

*23 and 24 May 2015*

The 2015 First International Conference on the American Motion Picture Industry (iFILM) is an interdisciplinary international conference that invites academics, film makers, film distributors, film critics and independent scholars and researchers from around the world to meet in Europe to exchange the latest ideas and discuss transformational changes that seem to be occurring within the American Motion Picture Industry.

We are now accepting submissions in any area related to the American Motion Picture Industry. All submissions will be refereed and the best papers will be published as chapters in an edited book with a major American or European publishing company that will have an assigned ISBN number. Further information and periodic updates will appear on the American Studies Center website :

*Workshop Topics* (Potential, Depending upon Registration) :

1. The Interview : Is Distributor Censorship controlling Hollywood film makers ?

2. Transformational Film : What is this ? Why do this ? How to do this ? By whom ?

3. The "Green Light" : What new factors control the decision to finance a movie proposal ?

4. Global Locations : What places to viewers most want to look at in the newest movies ?

5. Target Audiences : Who comes to the box office ? Have they changed, are they changing ?

6. Projected Revenues : Mapping the location and distribution interface.

7. Demographic Concerns in Film : Race, Gender, Ethnicity, Preference in search of equality

8. Subliminal Advertising in Film including Trailers.

9. Content Concerns in Film : Exaggerated Violence, Political Assassination.

10. Popular Genres. Changes in Worldwide Demand, the new Science Fiction.

11. International Casting, male, female, lead, support, to please a wide-ranging audience.

12. Emerging Technology : the growth of iMAX.

13. Is the American Film Industry changing the ’American image’ that it is exporting ?

14. Is the American Film Industry adding new cultures, such as Chinese culture, to movies it is producing ? If so, to improve box office attraction, attract funding, what reasons ?

15. American Film Popularity in Europe and Asia : European Union, China, Russia.

16. Film release online (Netflix) and in selected theatres (iMax) during "Shell" Period.

17. International Partnerships : Jiaflix with MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate Entertainment, China Movie Channel, M 19905.

Organizers of this conference encourage formation of panels and "round table" discussions with film makers (producers, directors, special effects designers, actors) of different genres, as well as film distributors, film critics, other stakeholders in the American Motion Picture Industry.

If you want to convene a panel for a workshop that goes beyond the above, or if you wish to chair a panel, please contact us soon.

We hope to have very dynamic "round table" discussion. If you are a film maker, distributor, or critic or if you know some, consider this our strong invitation to join us to discuss our important theme : *"Transformers of the Silver Screen : Quo Vadis, Hollywood ?"*

*Conference Timetable*

Abstract Due : *28 February 2015.*

Notification of Acceptance By *10 March 2015.*

Registration Fee Paid By *10 April 2015.*

2015 Conference Dates : *23 and 24 May 2015.*

*Basic Submission Guidelines* :

*Language* : English

*Paper length* : Abstract : no more than 500 words send to
Full paper : maximum 40,000 characters with spacing inclusive of all graphics and references (in text, APA Style)

*Key words* : 3-6 words

*Font, Margin* : 12 point Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing, Margin 1 inch

*Page numbers* : Omit

*Format* : MS Word Perfect

*Registration Fee* : PLN 600 / USD 200 / EUR 150,* does not include hotel accommodation.**

* Reduced Fee for Students : PLN 300, USD 100, EUR 75
**Registration Fee covers the Banquet, coffee breaks. Organizers will help
to find accommodations, but the Conference Fee does *not* include hotel

Conference Chair : prof. dr David Jones.

Chief of Staff of the Conference Office : Piotr Szyja.

Contact :