CFP : Illustration : The Birth of Images

Call for papers : Illustratio

“Illustration : The Birth of Images”
4th April 2014
Université de Bourgogne (Dijon, France)

The members of the Illustratio research group are delighted to announce a call for papers for their first symposium on illustration which will be held at the Université de Bourgogne on 4th April 2014.
This event will be co-organised by the Université de Bourgogne (EA 4182 TIL), Université de Haute Alsace (EA 4363 ILLE), Université de Lorraine (EA 2338 IDEA) and Université de Valenciennes (EA 4343 Calhiste). It will be followed up by a series of symposia that will take place in each of these institutions in turn.
“Illustration : The Birth of Images” has been chosen as the inaugural theme for our research, which focuses on illustration in all its aspects, from the 16th to the 21st centuries. We hope to help make the topic a field of research in its own right and develop a stimulating framework for a multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach. We therefore invite researchers, publishers, artists and other practitioners to participate in this first symposium dedicated to the genesis and creation of illustrations.
How do these images come to be ? What are the material and aesthetic constraints that apply at their birth ? To answer these questions papers may, for example, deal with the early stages of a collaboration between an artist and a writer, an illustrator’s preparatory work (such as sketchbooks, studies, and underdrawings), methods of (pre)visualisation, thought processes, or autobiographical writings. New techniques, modes of reproduction and the medium’s material and sensorial characteristics might also be examined.
Papers can also consider how the creation of an illustrative image is thematised within the work that is illustrated. Contributors are invited to tackle the issues linked to the emergence and the unveiling of the image, its materialisation, and its ability to capture the figural.
As with all things inchoate, the life of an image can be brief. Therefore we welcome contributions that deal with abandoned illustration projects, or the fleeting nature of an illustrator’s vision, and the difficulty or impossibility of giving substance to images.

Deadline : proposals for papers (roughly 300 words and accompanied by a short bio-bibliography) should be sent to the organising committee by 15th December 2013. They may be in French or English ; nonetheless Illustratio’s research will be published in English.
Confirmation : end of December 2013

Organising committee :
Sophie Aymes (Université de Bourgogne) :
Nathalie Collé-Bak (Université de Lorraine) :
Brigitte Friant-Kessler (Université de Valenciennes) :
Maxime Leroy (Université de Haute-Alsace) :